Osterfeld Models is pleased to announce the signing of new model Jacob. He is currently working with our internal project If he becomes available for booking we will immediately email all casting agents.
Osterfeld Models is pleased to publish this years scout roster for 2014. The attached names are authorized representatives scouting for Osterfeld Models around the country.  Emails are also attached for reference.  Need help verifying an agent?  Email   Ben Sanborn – Scout   EMAIL   Godfrey Craig – Scout   EMAIL   Robert Gosvener – Scout […]
If you apply to be in adult video, you are competing with everyone else. It is a competitive and high paying industry. Companies no longer just take guys with huge dicks. They need the best models, best bodies and best casting materials to get started with. Check out this information on how to get the attention of the casting director today!
Money can be great in the porn business! Here we will you how you can become a porn star and how much money you can make!
Have you always dreamed of becoming an adult model or porn star? Follow this link to apply directly to a top casting company and be working in a week!
I get emails every week from models who want to get started in adult entertainment. “How do I get into porn?” It can range anywhere from solo jobs on live cam to hard core video shoots at the major studios. Models often don’t know what the difference is, what the options are, what what will […]
With its extravagant parties, naked people strutting around poolside, and stacks of cash as high as the epic fountain on the front lawn, the life of a porn star can definitely be fun and glamorous.   And you want it.   You anxiously await the fabled offer from a talent scout, picked from the masses […]
We are proud to introduce the ripped, 22-year-old Armini Winters. He comes to us from somewhere around Germany, lived in the U.S. for a while, and presently resides in Spain on a 6-month contract. He can be found online at    
  Jay Law signs with! Jay will be featured on several live chat and video sites around the World. Check him out here!  
Osterfeld Model is casting for a top international underwear brands. We are seeking qualified male models for this male model underwear campaign. Shooting this month. Paid shoots. See casting sheet for additional information.


Osterfeld Models - Adult Entertainment Division is the leading adult entertainment casting firm for top adult entertainment companies. We are always seeking men and women who are in great shape for amateur adult content! We will fly qualified models to the shoot location; all expenses paid. And as a casting company; the buyer pays our fees, not the model.

Osterfeld Models places men and women (18 years and up) in top paying jobs including live web cam, dating spokes-models, underwear, adult film and more. We book in both straight and gay content and we are currently casting for all slots right now!

Upon it’s original founding, Osterfeld Models only worked with fashion and commercial models booked through other agencies, acting as a “mother” agency for models around the country and representing models to Ford Models in Chicago and New York. Osterfeld Models fashion discoveries have worked for brands such as Kohls, Nintendo, Mistubishi, Macey’s, SanJamar, NuWear, AussieBum, Sweet16 and more!

In mid 2006, Osterfeld Models shifted focus to 100% adult entertainment market successfully landing their models huge contracts over the next 7 years.

In 2013, under the direction of Michael Osterfeld, Osterfeld Models re-entered the fashion and commercial market in Chicago and New York, representing models in fashion, commercial print and editorial bookings.

Founded in 1999 by Michael Osterfeld, the company is a division of American Fantasy Entertainment, LLC. , a multi-national entertainment investment company focused on adult content marketing, and video streaming. Osterfeld Models has been an industry leader in entertainment for nearly 15 years. Apply now and begin your career.


Face Shot:
Body Shot:


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Top Models

Now Casting

Nuwear Underwear Model

Men’s underwear modeling, advertising campaign.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 35
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • Little to NO experience
  • Location: East Coast, Varies
  • Compensation:
  • $500 - $800 Per shoot
  • Travel is paid in advance
  • Other: Includes sheer/thong/jock

AussieBum Underwear Model

Men’s underwear modeling/advertising campaign.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 35
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • NO experience
  • Location: East Coast Varies
  • Compensation:
  • $500 - $2000 Per shoot
  • Travel is paid in advance
  • Other: Includes varying clothing items

Male/Female (adult)

Professional studios. Fun shoots. College atmosphere. (Non-traditional hardcore)

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 25
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • NO pervious adult experience
  • Location:
  • Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago
  • Compensation:
  • $800 - $1500 per shoot
  • Other: NA

Female Solo Casting

Female Adult Solo Shoots.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 24
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • Little to NO experience
  • Location: AZ, FL, CA
  • Compensation:
  • $800 - $2000 Per shoot
  • Travel is paid in advance

Male Solo (Adult)

Solo video/photo shoot of models alone.

Nude, hard, erotic, hardcore content. 18+.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 35
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • Little to NO experience
  • Location:
  • LA, Miami, San Diego, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, NYC
  • Compensation:
  • $500 - $2200 Per shoot
  • Travel is paid in advance
  • Other: NA

Male/Male (adult)

Hardcore adult Male/Male content.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 35
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • Little to NO experience
  • Location:
  • Florida, California, Illinois
  • Compensation:
  • $500 - $5000 Per shoot
  • Travel is paid in advance
  • Other: All content types

Male/Female (adult)

Men and Women needed for amateur sex content.

Professional studios. Fun shoots. College atmosphere. (Non-traditional hardcore)

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 25
  • Excellent shape
  • Available to Travel
  • NO pervious adult experience
  • Location:
  • Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago
  • Compensation:
  • Males - $350 per shoot
  • Other: NA

Live Cam Model

Men and women needed for live content performance site.

Models chat live to earn money per minute with customers from around the world.

All from the privacy of the models own home.

  • Requirements:
  • Must be 18 to 35
  • Excellent shape
  • Have computer, webcam & internet connection
  • Private, quiet space to cam
  • Location: Worldwide from home
  • Compensation:
  • $1.20 per private chat minute
  • Average = $500/week in 20 hours


Modeling Facts

What is Osterfeld Models?

Osterfeld Models was founded in 1999 by Michael Osterfeld and has grown to become the largest adult entertainment casting company in the world screening more than 8000 new models every year for projects with the best companies in the business.

How do I become a model?

To become a model, you need to do a couple things. First, you will need to take pictures of yourself. We will need front and back photos. Make sure they are clear, well lit, and your face is shown in them. We also need pictures of any tattoos you have (send those separately). To see a sample of the pictures needed, Click Here. After you have the pictures, go to the application, complete the info and upload your pictures. To go to the application page, Click Here. If you have applied in the last 6 months, you do not need to re-apply. Simply contact your agent directly.

How do I book a model?

If you are already registered with us, simply email Booking and tell them what models you are interested in booking to confirm availability. If you are not already working with us, Click Here to register as a buyer. All buyers must be registered.

Osterfeld Models/Casting offers services to adult film and fitness/underwear companies seeking models for projects. Osterfeld Models charges fees to buyers for casting services and does not charge the model.

Base fees range from $200.00 to $4000.00 per booking. All persons or companies should complete the following form if interested in working with us.

We do require buyer engagement agreements and deposit of funds on first shoots booked for all new companies in order to ensure the safety of models.

How do I Contact A Model?

While we will not provide direct contact between a fan and a model in any case; fans may send fan mail and gifts to models through the company at the following address: Osterfeld Models Attn: Model Name P.O Box 73 Valparaiso, IN 46384

How does the site work?

The News section has everything going on in the company. New Models working, job postings, etc. The Models page contains the most recent model profiles for browsing. Osterfeld Models agents post new profiles of models as soon as they are available. This means that a model has completed an interview with a managing agent, completed our online application and submitted recent and clear pictures that we can use to process a model for viewing. Model profiles are posted here for all buyers to view. There is also a built-in notification system that will notify our buyers through RSS feed or daily summary emails.

Does OM provide models to everyone?

No. You must apply (by clicking the link above) and be approved by the VP of Operations. Osterfeld Models is committed to providing models only to companies that have established reputations where our models will be safe and treated respectfully. We have a certification process that we use to verify companies. The criteria include: Alexa/Google page ranking verification, industry and model references, initial model payments held in escrow by the company, payment in advance of scouting fees on initial models and certain other restrictions. We keep all of these systems in place to ensure that our models are provided only to safe, established and legitimate companies that use models for approved shoots. If you are new, we definitely look forward to working with you. However, if you do not meet the criteria, it would have to be after you are established. Osterfeld Models does not work with start-ups. We do provide models to still photographers. We reserve the right to refuse to provide models to anyone or any entity.

How do I verify an agency is legitimate?

Any model, client or not, can email booking anytime to receive verification that a company is legitimate. The adult industry is a solid, high paying and well-run industry, but as with any industry, there are some people that will try to mislead you. By emailing us, you can help to protect yourself. However, while we can check out companies that we don't work with or may know them, we will only certify the companies that we work with as 100% legitimate. This is, of course, only our opinion and should not be viewed as advice or a recommendation.

Someone claims they work for Osterfeld Models, how do I verify this?

To verify if someone works for us, email us Here. We hire new scouts regularly and sometimes, the marketing department can be a few days behind updating the site, as there are a lot of changes. Also, subcontracted scouts working on their own are not listed. However, they are not agents of Osterfeld Models and should only be collecting information to send to us. This can all be done via email. You should not need to meet these people in person, unless directed to do so by someone at Osterfeld Models. Call 312.371.3154 to verify information before meeting anyone in person.

Do you charge fees?

No. Osterfeld Models is a casting company. We are paid by the companies hiring us for our services. Models do not pay us commissions. We are not a registered or licensed talent agency. We specialize only in placement on a contract basis for specific jobs. We are hiring you on behalf of a client or company, not working for you as a model. You can retain an agent separately. An agent will most likely charge you a commission.

Is Osterfeld Models a talent agency or a casting company?

Osterfeld Models and the agents working for us are all casting agents or directors (however you like to put it). We are paid by companies to find models for specific roles and rates. We do not negotiate on behalf of any model, and we do not charge a model a fee (that would be an agent). We are paid completely by the company doing the hiring. We work for the production company. We do not represent models. We are not an agency. There are plenty of reputable agents out there, feel free to find one.

Do I have to pay for my own travel expenses?

No. In most cases, they are paid. Osterfeld Models only works with companies that pay all travel expenses related to models travel. This generally includes air fare, hotel, food, while on shoot, and travel, while on location. Additional spending money is your own responsibility. Some companies require that models cover their own travel and will reimburse the model upon arrival. Your representative will inform you of this information at the time of your booking. Some smaller companies require models to meet in person prior to booking travel. These are subject to individual policies.

What companies do we work with?

You can view a partial list of companies we work with at and click "Current Casting Avails" under Osterfeld Models. Most companies we work with are not listed on the site by their request. We work with over 130 companies internationally including: Flirt4Free, American Fantasy Entertainment, Reality Kings, Bang Bros., Falcon Studios, Pacific Media, Randy Blue, Sean Cody, BluMedia and more.

Can I wear a mask?

No. Companies do not hire models at the rates we pay to wear a mask. You can use a stage name, and your personal information is never revealed by Osterfeld Models, except to the company hiring you for purposes of hiring you. Masks or glasses, etc. are not permitted. If you don't want to show you face ,then this is not the business for you.

Do you hire models with experience?

No. We specialize in new talent with no work experience for an amateur market. We specialize only in this area of casting and do not generally make exceptions. There are companies out there that are looking for professional models that are interested in doing long term work. Men: We recommend contacting FabScout Entertainment ( as they work with professional models in a wide array of shoots and booking options. Women: We recommend contacting LA Direct Models ( for placement. We do not warrant or recommend any company directly, but are merely providing these links as a reference in your search for work. Osterfeld Models is not affiliated with these companies in any way.

Live Cam Facts

For Cam Network Information Click Here   |   Already A Cam Model? Click Here

How do credits work?

You receive 60cpm of private chat with each credit worth 1.6 cents. With more than 5 hours total log-in time per pay period (public or private), your credits are boosted to 2 cents per minute. Overall you receive either $1/min or $1.20/min, plus tips.

How do I receive payment?

We process and mail checks individually every other week. We also have direct deposit available (see Model Resources page). Pay periods begin on every other Monday and end on every other Sunday. Checks are mailed the following Friday of the week that the pay period ends.

Can I create my own hours and schedule?

Yes. You work on your own schedule and from your own home. We ask that all models dedicate at LEAST 5 hours per pay period in order to receive the full $1.20/min. Keep in mind, we cannot process checks that do not exceed $20.

Am I allowed to cam with my GF/BF?

Yes, but only if you have both filled out the appropriate forms and have created a joint broadcasting account, which we will do gladly for you. Couples Camming is highly successful but you CANNOT perform with another person unless you are BOTH legally registered with our network.

If I am inactive online for a certain amount of time will my profile be deleted?

No. We will not discontinue your profile unless you ask us to (though after 1 year of inactivity, your profile will be removed). You will simply not receive any payment for times when you are not logged-on.

Is there any way to make my profile hidden from certain viewers?

Our privacy settings give you the option to remove certain States and Countries from viewing your profile. If you do not wish, for example, your family in Texas to see you, you can block the entire State of Texas. This option can be found under Filters in your Managing Toolbar. We recommend keeping this to a minimum. The more places you block, the less opportunities you have to earn money.

How do I know how much money I make as I log on?

You can track your earnings under your Reports Toolbar by clicking on Stats. You can select the range in date of your activity on the calendar and see Total Commission earned and all other statistical information concerning your log-in. Keep in mind that your Commission is based on the $1.20/min which is only accurate if you have 5 hours logged.

How do VOD's work?

Every time you have a private chat session, your chat is saved as a Video file which is posted to your profile. Members can view your old VODs as they chat with you which earn you more credits. You can adjust the amount of CPM that members must pay in order to view your VODs between 6cpm and 12cpm.

How can I get more than one member to private chat me at a time?

Upon log-in, you will be given the option for Standard 60cpm chat, as well as Party and Multi-User chat, which allows for more than one member to private chat you at the same time, which multiplies your credits for the same show.

Do I have to show my face?

No, what you show is entirely up to you, however, you will be much less successful at getting members to private chat you if they do not see all that they wish to see.

What if my question was not answered here?

Go to the Contact Us page and complete the form. A studio representative will be in touch to assist you.

Live Cam Tools

Live model tools.

Osterfeld Models is casting for AFXXX Operating and over 400 affiliate sites through sub-studios and at-home models. The AFXXX team is empowered to position their models to be the most successful on the net. We are the largest network with the largest customer base already built into the site. Models can join our site and have immediate exposure to a fan base that is already active and paying. You DO NOT have to find your own customers.

How to contact us.

General Questions/Issues (non technical): Phone: 312.371.3154 Email: Refer a model for $$$ – Accounting/Payroll (payments, changes and other) – Tech Support: Technical BROADCAST issues ONLY: (800) 685-9236 ext 4

Pay rates.

Pay rates are determined by your talent manager. Please contact a representative to find out what your exact pay rate will be. To figure your actual pay, use the following formula: Total Credits ____ x Rate Per Credit_____ = $______ earned.

Pay periods.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Direct Deposit

Models are paid bi-weekly year-round on a set system. When you start working, you automatically are set into the system in place. If you have questions about the start and end dates of any period, please ask your studio representative. Payments are issued through check or direct deposit, depending on the options available at the time of sign up and what you choose. All new models receive checks for at least the first 3 pay periods. All payment methods may not be available in all areas.

Logging in.

To log into the site, go to in your web browser. Enter your user name and password. Once you log in, complete the legal agreement. Make sure to call your studio rep to walk through the studio, read forums and get tips to a best performance.

Things you should do.

Set a regular schedule. Update your profile picture that shows you looking your best. Log on to cam looking your best. Remember that people pay money because they are lonely. Never ask someone to go private, be creative! Have fun! If you have fun, so will the customer and you will make money.

Additional Notes: If you wish to change your information, such as profile information, pictures, mailing address, etc. Please contact your studio representative contact above.



Frenzy is the number of members in your free chat that are going nuts to see you naked, do certain acts, get to know you, typing in CAPS to get your attention, etc. Selling shows is a numbers game. The more visitors you can keep in your chat, the better. We see your room having two doors: one where they enter and one where they exit. Let’s talk about how to close the exit door. Holding interest will effectively close the exit door and cause your User Count to go up. How do you hold interest? It’s not so hard, if you are actively posing, showing off and talking with some erotic overtones? Remember, this is a site based on SEX and bringing the subject back to SEX in subtle ways is critical to maintain.

User count.

Good Frenzy is a lot of room visitors chatting at a fast pace, asking for everything under the sun. The more excited they are, the more you will sell. We want to suggest that the best way to control your room is to let the comments fly, fast and furious. Do not attempt to control the chatter's styles, or whether or not they type in CAPS or lower case. You may have a brand new member that has no chat experience that has purchased 10, 20 or 30 minutes of time for a 1-on-1 show. Pissing off that new User by telling them to drop their CAPS could cost you a long show and a lot of minutes. Would you rather have all calm chatters typing in lower case or be selling more minutes and not caring about CAPS or the overall Frenzy in your room?

The more Frenzy you drive, the more brains you affect. Let’s face it, at a per minute rate of show time, we MUST get their brains out of their heads! Men see their wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, secretaries and co-workers sit and type or do bills or watch TV every day. Give them a reason to stay in your room which they cannot find in their real lives.

Chat mixture.

Why is it good to talk to the room as a group? We think 75% comments to the room as a group and 25% to individuals is a good mix. One of the best ways to control the chatters is to not pay each person too much attention. Comments to the group as a whole convey a very subtle message, and that message is if you want my individual attention, buy a 1-on-1 Private to get it. We’re not saying, don’t chat with the Free Chat people, but we are saying less chat directed at each individual person is a good thing. Acknowledging the new guy that just enters your chat room is very good. Even if his first comment is, Show me your pussy/cock, you can let him know you see him with a simple, tolerating reply like jeez NEW USER, aren’t you going to say Hi first?? At least they know you saw them, and you’re not bringing the atmosphere down with negativity. After that, continue talking to the group.

Humor & a positive approach.

We like the style of talking to the group as a whole, with less emphasis on individual chat because of the tone it sets. The message is, "I’m not here to make money, I’m just naturally horny and do this to get off." It is truly amazing what the chatters will believe! We’re going to list some comments that we think are good things to say to the group. The things you say to the room, as a group, is limitless. If you strike a nerve with the chatters using one of your "come-on" comments, run with it for all it’s worth and let the chatters join in your fake fantasy.

Below are a few examples:

  • I just took a nap and got online. I woke up so freakin horny!!!
  • I can’t wait to get in a private show, I’m so horny, I’m gonna cum in 5 minutes.
  • I’m going to treat my next private show to some close-ups my doctor’s never even seen.
  • Who is a good enough cyber-lover in here to make me cum in a show tonight??
  • I love knowing you are all getting hot watching me, I’m such an exhibitionist!
  • Mmmm, can’t wait to get in a show tonight, I love being told what to do.
  • Are there any older men here? I have this new fantasy about older guys!
  • I’ve been so bad, I was fantasizing about meeting one of you and letting you have your way with me hehehe.

Never say no in chat rooms.

This is so important and it takes creativity on your part to answer all questions with positive responses. We know it sounds impossible to always say yes, so let us give some examples of how to say yes to chatters questions (even when your REAL answer is no.) Remember, the idea is to get them in private; you can sweat the details after they are in the show.


Charlie Chatter: Do you do anal?? (Let’s assume here that you don’t do anal) Model: Charlie, I’m an anal virgin, will you go slow with me in a private show, if I try for you?? Charlie Chatter: Do you fist in private?? Model: Charlie, I can try for you, so far I can only do 3 fingers. Charlie Chatter: What’s your email address?? Model: Charlie, I only give my email address to my customers, I send them special surprises.

Hangers on.

What are they? Hangers On are chatters that fall in love with you and spend every waking moment in your chat, but they NEVER buy a private show. How do you handle a Hanger On type person? The first is to stay polite, but not give too much attention. Give just enough to keep them interested and coming back. Time works wonders for Hangers On. They tend to be slow to decide on signing up on the site. They have common fears about credit card security on the web, they may be on a limited budget, or they may just not believe in sex that isn’t the real thing. I’m sure you’ve heard all the excuses from Hangers On types. Here are a few different ways to handle these hard-to-sell people. Just stay nice. Don’t put too much attention on them and see if time works, and they eventually sign up and purchase credits. This is tricky because the more attention you give them, the happier they are not buying anything.

After giving them some special attention to bolster their egos, try this little trick:

Oh Charlie, want to play a game with me?? (They will always say yes) Okay Charlie, I’m going to put you on a chat time-out until you sign up and get a show. Make sure they see you giggling. If you try this, you need HUMOR with it. Tell the customer how sweet they are and you understand how difficult it is to sign up and buy a show. Try to recruit them to help you sell your private shows. They’ll jump on this, until they realize there is nothing in it for them.

Rude customers.

No need to explain to you what a Rude Customer is. You’ve seen all kinds of them in your chat. This suggestion is radical and takes some amount of pride swallowing, but it’s very effective, and you will ultimately win. Rude Customers are all looking for the same thing: ATTENTION. They go for the negative attention, and one reason they act like this is that they are so good at getting what they want, and that is negative attention. What you have going for you, though, is the fact that all Rude Customers are children at heart, immature people that are easily controlled with some creative thinking. Try this once; it will work 9 times out of 10. We know your first impulse is to kick them out, but try this formula. Compliment their behavior and then ask a personal question.

For example:

  • MODEL: Oh my! You are so demanding. I like that, where are you from??

We can almost guarantee this will catch them off-guard. It is the VERY last thing they expected to hear from you. The typical answer they give to this response is I’m from Chicago, why?? They are totally dumbfounded, and you have just taken control. This is much easier than doing what we call Swatting a Hornet. When you take the negative approach with them and bitch them out or kick them out of your chat, they come back being more of an asshole and even more annoying. It’s a lot more fun to control these types than escalate a fight with them. ALWAYS REMAIN POSITIVE AND HAPPY ON CAMERA.

Acting vs. modeling.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve come in a models chat to see him/her complaining to his/her room visitors about how slow it is or when they are sitting looking bored and sad. Who in their right mind is going to spend money on a girl/guy that is sitting there all angry and upset?? You have to act, and it has to be an Oscar performance. The chatters cannot know you are upset or feeling down. THEY WANT HAPPY

Girls and guys.

Imagine this: a guy has a girl, guy or wife that’s all grumpy and bitchy. He waits for her to go to bed, so he can get online and enjoy some hot girls/guys. He goes in your room, and he sees you chatting about your problems! EXIT stage left!! He’s gone and so is his $$. We expect every model to be an actor/actress and not to let the room chatters know you are unhappy or upset. If you cannot act fresh, cheerful and sexy, sign off and come back on when you can put on a happy, sexy face.


How many of your chatters and show buyers think they have good game? We’d say it’s right around 100%. What is your game? Is your game working? Do you always have a game plan in mind when you work your chat? The money is in LONELY MEN and not horny men. If you notice any of the models you see that are in a long 1-on-1 show, you will notice the shows are usually talk shows, lots of typing with their outfits still on. There is a reason for that, and the reason is the buyer is lonely and wants to talk. What do lonely buyers fantasize about? The lonely show buyer’s fantasies are different than the sex show buyer’s fantasies. Lonely buyers fantasize about having a girl/guy like you, about dating you, courting you and maybe even being married to you. They want to introduce you to their friends, show you off and go out on the town with you on their arm. Lonely men do not want to end the show if they still have hope of reaching their fantasies. Sex show buyers on the other hand, masturbate and then leave. Appealing to the Lonely Buyer type is easy. ACT SINGLE! The game of acting single has to be subtle and coy. If you come on too strong, they know you’re working them.

Men will refuse to believe you are single, even if you are. But, they do believe that you are going through a breakup. Everyone can relate to that, because most everyone goes through breakups or knows someone who has. If your room has a low key, underlying message of "I’m single and looking," that’s the best game you can put down. It will, over time, attract some lonely buyers and with that comes longer shows with less physical work, more minutes and more $$.

Where are the buyers?

How do you know if a chatter has an account? Light grey location chatters are non-paying. Colored name chatters are. Are most buyers talking in Free Chat or lurking on the sidelines? How do you identify someone who will sign up and spend money? Are their countries that can’t get accounts because of high credit card fraud? What age is the average buyer? How do you know whom to target? With the system not having a way for models to see who is a member and who isn’t, it’s hard to know who to concentrate on and who to ignore. We will attempt to shed some light on where the buyers are and how to bring them in to chat with you. Our statistics show that only about 15% of the chatters actually buy shows. That means two things: 85% of chatters do not buy. It also means that the majority of your buyers don’t ever talk in Free Chat! This is exactly why it’s so important how you respond to the chatter: you need to impress the buyers that are lurking in your room, but staying quiet and not chatting. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to realize that most buyers don’t chat in the Free Chat. Post a big sign on your monitor I AM CHATTING TOO.

Impress the non chatters.

This will remind you that most buyers do NOT chat in the Free Chat. They simply window shop and they browse the rooms until they find a model worth going private with. OK, let’s address how to flush out members and buyers. There are a few things you can do:

Talk to someone that’s not chatting and say something like this: Hey all you Non-Chatters, don’t hide. Come talk to me. Don’t be shy. A customer is talking to you and being kind and gentlemanly.

Ask him this: You’re sweet Charlie Gentleman, have you ever bought a show from the site before?? The wording here is very important. You are not asking him to buy from you; you are merely asking if he’s bought a show on the site before. Guys tend to answer this question honestly, because it’s not a direct request for them to buy. His answer is very telling. A "no" answer means he is probably not a member, and you can work him from that angle. A "yes" answer means he is a member, and he is a good prospect to work on.


Are there words that just turn you off? We bet we could write 10 here that are an instant turn off for you. The C word, for example: a lot of models hate it. Do you think there are words that potential buyers hate to see the models use? You bet there are! We’ll list some of the words that turn off buyers along with alternative words or phrases to take their place. (We would love to see you all contribute to a list of alternatives to use in place of buzz words).

  • Turn off – buzzword Alternative
  • 1on1 – My Room
  • Show – Cum see me alone
  • Private – Let’s go where no one can read our chat
  • Buy – Take me away from this madness

No need to list them all. When you catch yourself about to type a buzzword, rethink it and type something else. Be creative. Along with buzz words goes pressure from you to make them buy. Imagine this scenario, a person goes into a strip club, and before he can look around and get a feel for the club, an anxious stripper comes up to him, grabs his hand and starts dragging him to the lap dance booth. What does he do? He reels back and says no! He wants to see the place, get comfortable and check out all the strippers first. Answering your chatters with instant demands for them to buy a show is the kiss of death to selling minutes. No one likes a pushy model; very few customers spend money on pushy models. Just because you have demanders and beggars in your chat doesn’t mean you should answer with begging and demanding. If there ever was a case of two wrongs don’t make a right, this is it! Be better than your chatters in your attitude; don’t stoop to their levels or methods. Within the performer application, there are also automated messages you can send to your customers to save you time. This is a great way to seduce your customers into a private show!

Use audio to your advantage.

The audio feature will enhance your private shows 100%. There is nothing more erotic to our customers than hearing our models moan their name, as they manipulate themselves to an orgasm. With every single private show that you get, you should ask the user what their real name is. The closer you get and the more you know about someone, the harder they will fall for you. That is how you gain loyal and exclusive customers. This makes the experience much more personal for the viewer. People will feel a lot closer to you being able to hear your voice. If you are new and feel uncomfortable using audio, don’t worry. Just like anything, it gets better and easier the more you practice and gain experience as a performer. This is your show; you are the star. They are paying for your individual attention; make it work their money. If you run out of things to say, moan and groan. People love to hear someone demanding them to fuck them harder over and over again. Name repetition is also good. It is a fact that the more you say someone’s name, the more they will be psychologically attached to you.

Scouting Network Facts

About the network.

The External Scouting Network (ESN) was developed by the Osterfeld Models management team to create a web-based work place and information hub for all external scouts working with Osterfeld Models and their various partners around the world. Osterfeld Models, a division of LCI (Live Content, Inc.), was founded by Michael Osterfeld in 1999. We have been finding and placing talent for 13 years and are now stronger than ever. Osterfeld Models is now the world’s largest amateur adult entertainment casting company with over 1000 models on the worldwide roster and screens nearly 6000 new models every month, the most in the industry! The ESN contains everything to needed to start working for Osterfeld Models as an external scout.

What is an external scout?

An External Scout is an independent contractor working from home, or a regional office, that is paid on a set percentage per model referral. External Scouts do not receive a Salary and are 1099 subcontractors. We offer the most competitive independent scout rates for adult models anywhere. There are many opportunities for advancement inside of Osterfeld Models. High performing External Scouts have the option to apply for open internal positions, including managing agent positions at our offices in Chicago (Main Office), Miami or Los Angeles.The ESN brings together scouts from around the world to share information and incomparable practices in order to make the most effective use of their time. Most External Scouts work full-time jobs, and work with us in their spare time. Scouting is a fun and easy way to earn a lot of money. Some scouts find that they are soon earning enough income to work with us full-time. The positions are always available. As a company expanding internationally with a growing client list, we have new positions open constantly for qualified applicants.

External Scouts are also supported by full-time Internal Managing Agents who will work side-by-side with new scouts to process new models and work on getting their models in as quickly as possible. Often, our models are booked in as little 24 hours. Our dedicated booking team is focused 100% on booking every model that is approved.

How does it work?

Once you have completed the scout application form, your information will automatically be sent to processing (handled by accounting). Once we have your application, we will need a copy of a valid US-issued photo ID (Driver License, ID Card, Military ID or Passport). You will be contacted and interviewed by a member of our internal agent team, who will obtain a copy of your ID. This generally takes no more than 24 to 48 hours from the date we receive all of your information.

During the interview, we will discuss what you hope to achieve through working for us. Is this just something to fill extra time? Do you have a talent for talking to people? Are you hoping to become a full-time agent and work within one of our US-based offices? These are all things to think about. All of these items are great reasons to come work with us.

After your interview and information sessions, you will receive a company email address and an assignment for an application (or assigned to the main application). You will need to collect pictures and information from each of your applicants, and send it all to us at one time in a single email (separate email for each applicant), so we can begin processing the model internally. Time is of the essence. A model that applies to our site generally has to be processed and completed within 48 hours, or the chances of getting it done are not as likely. Keep in mind, if you are talking to a model about the work, they are probably also being chased by another scout or another company. Your ability to sell the model on working with us will be your key to success.

Once you are given an application and email, we will also give you a password to access the “Scout Only” portion of our site (Coming Soon). This is where you find information on companies seeking talent (also seen on the Casting page), what the pay rates are, what you will make, and more. This is also the place where our internal agents that have been working management for years will put up videos and articles to help you be successful.

Submitting models.

The process for submitting models is very easy. You will be assigned to an agent that will process your models and keep you up to date on their bookings. This person is your point of contact. Once you have a model that you are ready to submit, send it to this person. In the email, always include: Model Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Location, Work Interests and all of the required pictures. (Obtain sample image of the required pictures at: If we want to book a model you send us, we will let you know and take over contact with the model. It is important that models submitted to Osterfeld Models never be submitted elsewhere.

How much will I make?

The income potential in adult scouting is huge; unlike any other scouting venture actually.   We break our companies down into tiers, and pay based on what company your model goes into, and what that tier pays. A list if tiers is available to you once you are a contracted agent. This information is confidential and not to be distributed outside of the company.

  • Tier 1 – Scout Payment of $100.00
  • Tier 2 – Scout Payment of $250.00
  • Tier 2.5 – Scout Payment of $500.00
  • Tier 3 – Scout Payment of $750.00
  • Tier 4 – Scout Payment of $1000.00

*This list is subject to change.  Actual rates are subject to change and are covered in your individual contract.

As you can see, the payment for a single model can be quite substantial.  The Tier 1 is for models that go to smaller companies. Tier 4 is the best paying companies that pays a high referral. We always start a model at the top tier and work down. We want to place the model where he will net the highest amount for everyone. If you make money, we make money and that is how we like it. If you take the route of becoming an Internal Managing Agent, you may also earn salary with benefits including commission on booking fees as well as scouting fees, salary, paid time off and more.

CLICK HERE to become a scout now! or For more information about joining us, email

Scouting Tools


1. Sample photos needed to book are model can be seen HERE.

2. A link to the model application is found HERE.

3.  Submit a model to be booked HERE.

4. Invoice us by completing the  Invoicing Agreement Form HERE

- Please note that invoices are paid out every other week or bi-weekly, depending on the company your model was placed with. Invoices submitted on the last day of each month are sent out for ACH payment Wednesday of the following week. Check payments are sent out the same day, but take approximately 5 days to leave our bank and be delivered to you.

Want to sign up for direct deposit? Fill out the secure Direct Deposit Enrollment Form HERE

Questions or need assistance?  Click HERE.

Need to see the current list of pay rates? CLICK HERE